A Pact

Okay, so I often dream about moving around the world, trying new things and experiencing different jobs in life. In our senior capstone class at Belmont, we had to write out a list of where we’d hope we’d be in two years, five years, ten years, etc. In May of this next year it will be two years since I graduated from college. So to honor that I’m making a pact and I’m asking you all to bear witness. Aside from something crazy (marriage, my dream job etc) happening in the next year, I will move at some point in 2010 to LA, New York, Seattle/Portland, or London. Even if I have to wait tables and scrape by. I’m going just for the adventure. I’m sick of watching everyone have these crazy adventures and taking risks while I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect opportunity. That gives me roughly 3-15 months to save enough money to at least make a fresh start. I’m almost twenty three and I don’t want to waste much more time.

I’m going on my adventure.


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