Confessions Day 5 – Dave Ramsey

See? I told you!

Confessions Day 5 – Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is the title of this post for two reasons. 1) I interviewed at his company EIGHT times for a few different jobs. I didn’t get any of them. 2) I’m terrible at managing money and he’s the KING of good money management.

1) After losing two jobs in 4 months, I was pretty desperate. I looked for jobs everywhere, used every contact I had, and bribed anyone I knew who had any sort of connections. A sweet friend of mine said her friend was about to leave her position at Dave Ramsey and she’d be happy to pass along my information to her boss. It worked like a charm. I was brought in for a first interview, then a second, then a third, then a fourth. It was down to myself and another person. They decided to go with the other girl. Of course I was frustrated but I was also slightly relieved. I knew I’d be doing something that wasn’t my gifting. They decided to throw my name in the hat for another job. Again, I made it pretty far into the process and it came down to me and someone else. Once again – they went with the other person. I was crushed. A third job opened up, one dealing in live events and touring and I thought it would be perfect. They however didn’t. This entire process took about 4 months. I felt strung along and unwanted. Everytime they decided not to hire me, I heard the same thing. “We love you and you’re a GREAT fit for the company, just not this position.” My brokenness made me mad and bitter. Moreso at God than anyone else. I felt HE strung me along. However, I do believe Dave Ramsey is a great company and doing phenomenal things. They were wonderful in the midst of my world falling apart. But my world falling apart led me to a really great place with the Lord. It wasn’t fun then and I won’t sugarcoat the desperation of my soul. I knew the events of my life had been orchestrated in such a way to bring me back. So in actuality, I’m THANKFUL they didn’t hire me. They probably didn’t understand it either!

2) I’m awful at managing my money. I’ve never been able to stick to a budget and it’s gotten me in trouble. Couple my love language as spending time with someone (usually over dinner or coffee), making hardly any money, and living in an expensive city and you’ve got a bonafide mess on your hands. Someone at Bank of America decided I was worthy of a fairly large credit line so they let me have access to way more money than I ever should have been allowed. Which means my poor choices leading up to this point were minor infractions compared to what I was about to do. I got myself into debt. Alot of it was because I only had enough money to pay my bills and get either gas or groceries. Whichever one I couldn’t afford went on the credit card. It built up and up and soon I was in over my head. To be honest, there were some very stupid things put on the credit card as well. (Like that vacation package? Yeah that’s a blog for another day…) When I was realistically looking at my situation after my third lay-off, I knew that if I ever wanted to be healthy financially, I had to get out of debt. It was a big factor in moving back to Colorado. Sometimes I wish I had been debt free so I could have stayed in Nashville and other times I’m thankful for it because it brought me back here and to a community I cherish. I’m still in debt and working to pay it off. I still am terrible at managing my money and try to make small steps towards being better at it.


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