Confessions Day 7 – Socks

I sleep in incredibly unattractive, thick, wool socks that leaves marks on my legs the next morning. Why you ask? My parents keep our house cold. Abnormally cold. In their defense, our house is very open and fairly big so to keep it as warm as I would like would cost a lot of money. My room is definitely the coldest. It sits over the kitchen and must not be sealed all the way. Plus I keep my door closed which doesn’t help. Anyways. While I’m usually cold at night, the blankets warm me up. All except my feet. They stay freezing and then I can’t fall asleep. Which means I start to get anxious about not falling asleep. Then I start watching the clock thinking “okay, if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW I will get ____ hours of sleep.” It just turns into a vicious cycle resulting in insomnia or worse a few hours of sleep. Then I end up taking a sleeping pill instead of a vitamin before work and my whole day is shot. All because my feet are cold. A few months ago I was so cold I put my thick wool ski socks on and slept in them. As soon as my feet started warming up I drifted off into a deep slumber. The next night I wore them again. Same thing – deep wonderful sleep. This pattern continued until I had to wash my clothes including my warm ski socks. It took me a few days to wash all my clothes so my socks ended up somewhere in a pile and I couldn’t find them. Sleep was elusive that night. The next day (okay sometimes it takes me a really long time to wash my clothes) I started going to bed without my trusty socks and I still couldn’t fall asleep. So I put on a different pair of socks. While not as warm, they did the trick! I started to fall asleep within minutes of putting my socks on. While there is a SLIGHT chance this is  psychological, I’m beginning to think that wearing socks to bed cures all forms of sleeplessness. I’m thinking about patenting the idea.


One thought on “Confessions Day 7 – Socks

  1. I could not agree more! I slept in socks last night after reading your blog, I slept MUCH better! I have total popsicle toes ( I have a theory about that) anyway, I agree with your hypothesis, socks make sleeping better!

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