Confessions Day 20 – Toby Mac

So I’m what? 5 days behind? Since I decided catching up on 5 blogs at once sort of defeats the purpose of this month long project, I figured I’d just pick back up where I left off.

I want to blog about the great time I had seeing my dear friend Josh last night. He was on tour with Matthew West and the show happened to come to Littleton, CO. My sweet friend Stephanie came up with me and we got to enjoy both Josh and Matthew’s sets from backstage. Not only was Josh on the tour but my friend Jeff is playing keys for Matthew. I got two Nashville friends for the price of one. Anyways. I want to process more through that because it was an interesting night and my heart closed several doors. But for today my confession is about the time I was Toby Mac’s kids’ nanny.


About 6 weeks after I found out I was being laid of from Nichols Management, I still hadn’t found a job. I was discourage, afraid, and my faith was getting weaker by the day. Out of the blue I got a phone call from my friend Rusty. He was telling me about a job he knew of . My cell service was spotty so all I heard was “5 kids. nanny. full time. isn’t that awesome?” I said, “Rusty. 5 kids. that’s ALOT of kids.” Then came the kicker – “Rachel. It’s for TobyMac.” I obviously knew who Toby was and while not a HUGE fan the name held a significant amount of weight. I sent Rusty my resume and continued driving into work slightly stunned at what happened. When I walked in the door I told Chris he was never going to believe what I had to say. He was really excited for me and offered to send my resume and a recommendation to Toby’s manager. She had managed Matthew West and Josh had gone out on the road recently with Matthew so Chris had a little pull with her. This was a Monday. If I remember correctly, late Monday afternoon I got a call from Amanda (Toby’s wife) and she asked me if I could come to the house on Wednesday for an interview. I said I could. Geeking out a little bit, I only told a very small amount of people that I was going to Toby’s house. I showed up, met with Toby and Amanda for over an hour. The next day they called me asked me if I could come spend the day with them and the kids on Saturday. They wanted me to get a taste of their life and meet the kids. It was a crazy hectic day that I won’t ever forget. We all seemed to hit it off so by the next week they had offered me the job. It was a month trial (all of January) and then we would decide collectively if I was the right fit. I was floored. Not only did I have a job but it was a job for one of the most respected men in the Christian music industry. That month was hard. I worked alot of hours. All the kids got sick the first week I was there and I ended up coming down with a terrible sinus infection. It was physical labor – laundry, picking up toys, cooking/baking/cleaning, driving to pick up kids from school, taking them to basketball, dance, piano, etc. The kids were so fun and funny. They always had me laughing, especially Judah. Just two at the time, he was my little buddy. He’d hang on me and wanted to be where ever I was. One time I was in the kitchen getting them a snack and I heard his little voice but it sounded different. I looked over and he had taken his socks off his feet, put them on his hands, and was using different voices to have conversations. It was one of the funniest things I had seen. I have great memories of working with the kids and being in that home. For having a dad that travels a significant part of the year, the kids had close relationships with both their parents. Toby and Amanda were dedicated to raising their children and being there every step of the way. I was really impressed by the way they wanted to be involved. They are a rare family in that while they still have a nanny, the nanny (or nannies) don’t raise their children. I was absolutely a part of the process but at the end of the day, Toby is Dad and Amanda is Mom. The end. After January was up, they decided to ask me to stay full time. By the middle of March the three of us sat down and realized we just weren’t clicking. They felt they were holding me back from doing something better. They thought I was overqualified and they felt selfish having me be in their home. I realized I was on the same page. If there can be a good ending to relationships, this was definitely one of them. Before I left Nashville to move back to Colorado, I stopped in to see them. They are an amazing family and I wish them the absolute best. I was blessed to live with them for the three short months I did. I learned alot about myself and the Lord in the process and I wouldn’t change anything about my time there. Out of respect for them, I’m not going to share stories or photos from the time I lived with them. I want to protect them as a family as much as possible, but yes, Toby is really that cool.


One thought on “Confessions Day 20 – Toby Mac

  1. I love you Rach! I have been wondering about your time with Toby Mac & fam, now I know. We love him – his music and I was hoping he was as cool as he seemed, thanks for the confirmation 🙂 He was here in Seattle recently, we wanted to go to the concert but it just wasn’t in the $$. We will some time.

    In the mean time, We still need to talk SOON! I am going to send you a care package soon. I am the world’s WORST mailer but I will strive to improve! I love you girl!
    Aunty J

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