A lineage of love.

I’m taking a break from my confessions for just a brief moment. I’m about 4 away from completing them but I blogged on this topic already. Mother’s Day is Sunday but both of my parent’s birthdays are Monday, May 9th.

Tonight I was looking through some family photos and tears started streaming down my face. I’ve been a little weepy lately. Big things have been happening in my heart and naturally I process through tears, so it was no surprise when I started getting choked up looking through photos of my early years.

It hit me tonight that I am incredibly blessed to come from the lineage that I have. My parents are still married, both sets of grandparents are married, and only death took my biological grandparents. There is no history of divorce in my biological family on either side. As I was browsing through photos on my parents and photos of me generally under the age of 1, I started crying so hard I was sobbing.

My parents have loved me so well. I am pink, and girly, and dramatic, and unlike anything either of them have ever experienced before. They had this little girl that was ALL girl and they were both athletic, outdoorsy, and active. I twirled in princess dresses and pranced around with a crown on my head. I’ve always been incredibly sensitive, emotional, and empathetic.

Even though they didn’t know what to do with me, they loved me fully. I never questioned whether or not I was loved. My father has fought for my little girl heart since the day of my birth. I’ve always been his daughter, his treasured possession. I have known the heart of a Father because of my father. And my mother, that is where I lose it. She has been my cheerleader when I had no hope. When my world was falling apart, she was and is the one who strokes my hair, wipes my tears, and prays powerful prayers on my behalf.

Both of my parents have challenged me to be the best I can be and love the Lord first and foremost. When my dreams led me to Nashville to pursue a career in the music industry, they were the ones who booked a flight to make my dreams possible. And they were there to pick me up when my dreams came crashing down around me. They have given me the world and yet kept my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Recently my boss said, “You make a really good argument for the things you’re passionate about.” I smiled and quickly told him that was all thanks to my parents. They made me better. They made me into a woman of character. I can’t brag enough about them and the quality of family I come from. Like any family we have our dysfunctions but we love each other fiercely and loyally. I know if I ever need anything, any one of my family members would give the shirt off their back. As would I.

Nothing gets me more fired up than if someone messes with someone I love. Game Over. So in honor of their 50th and 54th birthdays, I am proclaiming that I am the luckiest kid in the world to have the parents I do and I’d take anyone’s challenge on that.

Mom and Dad, I love you guys. Thanks for loving me the best way I could be loved. I am honored to be your kid.


One thought on “A lineage of love.

  1. That was an amazing post. You’re parents wil appreciate the love you have shared with them. That litte girl heart you discussed about your father is something I will always struve to share with my own daughters. I can only hope they wil share with me one day that you shared today about your parents. God bless you…

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