Confessions Day 29 – Letters to my future husband.

You guys! We are SO close to being done with these confessions. Who else is excited? 🙂 Okay so this one is a slightly embarrassing confession. But I’m learning that whoever is reading these seems to enjoy my barely-there love life. When I was about 11 or 12, I started reading a series about a girl named Christy Miller. I think it was sort of the Christian version of  Sweet Valley High books (which I used to borrow from my friend, put inside my textbooks, and read during class. Hello Nerd.). Anyways. In the books, Christy becomes a Christian while in high school and decides to start writing letters to her future husband. Always the romantic, I decided to do the same. I started writing various letters in my awful middle school handwriting, with excessive hearts, swirls, and exclamation points. When I got a little older (late high school), I started writing them all in a notebook. I may have continued this into college but I can’t remember. I saved all the letters and notebook in a pretty little box with a “DO NOT OPEN” sign on it. Occasionally I will go back and read some of these letters, grimace, and laugh at my young self. There are little notes in there about “remind me to tell you about so and so if we aren’t friends someday.” The funny thing is that I’m not always sure WHO those people are. These letters have moved across states and houses and bedrooms and seasons with me. I’ve never quite been able to throw them away, but I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with them. There is no pressure to do anything with them right now, but what do you guys think? Throw them away or save them for someone to read? For now, I’m going to give some tips to my future husband to learn how to handle me.

Dear ______,

I’m sorry I don’t know your name yet, but someday it will be my favorite name. As you probably know, I can be a bit of a mess. So I’ve decided to give you some tips that you may already know or you may not. Either way, you can’t ever play dumb on these things because I’m going to spell them out for you. 🙂

1) I hate carnations. They are my least favorite flower ever. I’m also allergic to lilies.
2) I don’t want to lead. I don’t want to make the decisions in our relationship or have to call the DTR. I’m okay with you being the man and being in charge.
3) I love peonies, hydrangeas, and lilacs. Love.
4) Quality time and words of affirmation are my love language.
5) If you play with my hair, chances are you can get me to do anything. Want a new flat screen? Sure. Want to have the guys over for cigars, hot wings, and poker? I’ll have a girl’s night.
6) I appreciate when you hold doors. Not just for me but for any woman. It shows me it’s part of your DNA.
7) Sometimes I’ll get really upset and shut down. I’ll tell you “I’m fine.” But really what I want you to do is draw me out of my shell. It’s okay to challenge me and make me open up.
8 ) I process out loud. Usually I don’t need you to fix it, I just want you to listen.
9) The women in my life are very important. As are their husbands. Give them a chance. It’ll go a long way with me.
10) My family is the most important thing to me. I want you to ask my father for his blessing to marry me.
11) It’s the small things that touch my heart. That you know how I like my water (no ice), remember when I say I like something, or bring up something we’ve talked about. I don’t need fancy gifts or lots of money spent on me. Just simple things.
12) My grandmother gave me her wedding ring from when she and my grandpa got married. That’s the diamond I want you to use.
13) The best thing you can do for our relationship is love the Lord more than you love me.
14) I need about 30 minutes in the morning before I understand what’s going on. That is NOT the time to try to have a conversation with me.
15) I love road trips. Especially if they are spontaneous. I like when you drive. I’ll navigate and tell you funny stories. Or maybe fall asleep…

If you can make it through all those things, the rest of it should be a piece of cake. I figured I should just tell you these things instead of trying to make you guess or read my mind.




2 thoughts on “Confessions Day 29 – Letters to my future husband.

  1. Don’t throw them away. What an awesome gift. You need to make sure these get into the hands of your husband someday, I’m sure he’ll cherish them.

  2. Definitely keep them. I had a few I gave to Bran. I found them several months after we got married… I had actually forgotten about them. We got a good laugh at my silliness and he’s kept them in a safe place, so I know he thinks they’re special.

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