The Loudness in Silence Day 8

What a weekend. I feel like this evening was the first moment of calm I’ve had in awhile. Yet I know the weeks before me are full full full. I got a call about 9 last night asking if I would be part of the services next weekend. I didn’t realize the amount of lines I’d need to memorize and the rehearsals I’d have to squeeze in to my already cramped week. But, I love the creative aspect of it. The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was this morning. I am 90% certain I found the house I want to live in!!! It is an adorable three bedroom home on the north side of downtown – literally walking distance to the ER of one of the main hospitals in town. Perfect for me, non? 🙂 It has a newly redone kitchen, a huge rec room in the basement, and the most wonderful of all? Built in bookshelves. They are in the front room right when you walk in, with glass doors, and everything my little heart imagines. I’m already dreaming of a comfy chair in the front room, where I can sit in the morning with a cup of coffee, sunlight starting to stream in, and the moments of quiet I can’t wait to have. And the books that will line those shelves. The books and board games and movies that hopefully spur a variety of memories about to be made. Anytime I move somewhere new my heart plays the “is this it?” game. Is this the place where I fall in love? Is this where I will have my first kiss? Is this the place I understand more of the depth of who I am? Is this the place where I laugh so hard I start to cry? Is this the place I get to celebrate my friends’ marriages, babies, loves, new jobs, and life? Is this a place where I’ll cry myself to sleep because my heart is breaking? I think about the memories that will be made – the good and the bad. I think about the woman who will walk into that house for the first time and who she’ll be when she walks out for the last time. All these things swirl in my head. I think this may be the first place I’ve ever been about to move into that makes me glow a little bit. The charm of the old house, the creaky wooden floors, the wrought iron fence that surrounds the perimeter, and the blossoming rose bush on the side are all things I’ve dreamt about in a tiny little house. I can’t believe it fell into my lap. Things like this are always so refreshing to my heart. Little reminders that the LORD is invested in the details of my life. When I was reading my devotional last night as well as a book called The Red Sea Rules both confirmed that my battle is not mine but the LORD’s. There are a few situations in my life that are uncertain at best. The only thing that will change them is the LORD working in and through the hearts of those involved. The thing I can do is be still.

Just be still. 

The LORD will fight for you, you only need to be still.  Exodus 14:14

Being still and sitting in silence are very complimentary things and the perfect timing for me is now. I’m learning to let go of my tendency to control or manipulate. There is literally nothing I can or want to do except the let the LORD fight on my behalf. And I do that because I believe His heart for me is good.



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