Many the Miles: A Year of Change

Here’s the thing. I’m really bad at being disciplined – the healthy kind of discipline. And because I hate showing my mess, I don’t even want to admit it. The older I get the more I realize how I hate to let people see how not perfect I am and I hate to admit it myself.

Shocker. I know. I’m not perfect.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.


I go through seasons where I’m really convicted by my lack of discipline and then other seasons where I just pull the “grace” card. Which makes me sick. How often I cheapen grace and use it as an excuse to live selfishly.

In going with the areas where the LORD spoke to me earlier this year about my lack of discipline, I’ve decided to delve into a few of them. My goal is that for the next year I’m going to focus on two areas of being a healthy individual. Finance and Fitness.

I’m terrible at managing my money. I actually prayed the other day that the LORD would show me better ways of managing my money before I get a raise. Because I don’t want to waste the resources He’s generously given me.

I’m terrible at eating healthy and going to the gym. I don’t love working out but I love the feeling after… haha. I already can’t eat gluten but there are plenty of other things I can eat instead that are still terrible for me.

For the next twelve months I’m going to pick a different thing to do for thirty days in each category. So for example – November is going to be No-Card November for Finance and No-Sugar November and Yoga.

Except for the things that are automatically withdrawn from my account, I’m not going to use my debit card or credit card. I’m going to pay for everything in cash to see myself how much I waste on unnecessary things that don’t affect me because I’m not handing cash over. I never carry cash and if on the rare occasion I do have it, I usually realize how fast I spend it. On those little things – Starbucks, lunch out, a new outfit from Target, etc. It’s wasteful.

I eat way too much sugar and fake sugar. Whenever I eliminate it from my diet I realize how much better I feel and how I don’t crave it. As soon as I start introducing it back into my diet I feel the effects. The only time I’m going to make an exception is on Thanksgiving to eat a small piece of pumpkin pie. Because that is ONCE A YEAR. Not giving that baby up. I’ll still eat fruit and veggie sugar and some carb sugar. It’s mostly the desserts, diet coke, chocolate, etc that I’ll eat without even thinking. Time to get rid of it.

Part of the reason I don’t stay consistent with working out is because I get bored. So for November I’m using my month of yoga at the local hot yoga studio. Then in December I’ll do something else. Hopefully it’ll keep me engaged enough that I’ll get a consistent routine of working out. It’s worth a try eh?

Also, I’m going to be blogging through 30 days of thankfulness in November. Too often the words that come out of my mouth are ones of sarcasm and complaining. Time to refocus a bit of that.

I’ve always been a little ambitious, eh?


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