30DOT Day 3: Improv

Today is an easy one.

Today I am incredibly thankful for my Improv group “Know 1 in Particular.

Several months ago one of my former coworkers asked me if I’d like to join a new improv group. He and his wife and another friend were part of a pretty well known improv group in the Springs and decided to branch off and create their own. I was intrigued but also a little nervous. I had never formally done improv and barely remember my classes in high school.

The first practice I went to I fell in love with it. I realized basically my whole life what I had been doing was improv. I had made up characters, voices, thought about ways situations could go in my head, and had the fundamental basics of improv in my nature. Being the new kid I was eager to learn.

Over the last few months Suzanne, Kevin, Jeremy, and Rochelle have become extended family. Every thursday night we get together, eat dinner, and practice. We learn new games, rehearse old ones, challenge ourselves with voices and songs, and laugh. We laugh alot. What I love most of all is the ministry heart behind this group. When Kevin and Suzanne were going through some hard times with their baby boy, we took time to cover them in prayer. We always take time to sort through life issues if they’re weighing one of us down.

They let me make mistakes and laugh when I shouldn’t. They let me tell stories and horrible jokes. But they encourage me to never stop letting my energy and creativity come pouring out even when I’m tired, sick, or accidentally name a character Dr. Mallet Balls. Wah-waaahhh.

We’ve got a few shows lined up for this fall and early winter. Check out our facebook page to see our dates. We’re also performing for the SOFA Christmas Party which will be a blast! If you’re in the area, check it out!!





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