30DOT Day 4: Singleness

Yes, you read that correctly.

Today I’m thankful for my singleness.

Now hear me when I say this isn’t some lame attempt at trying to convince myself that I’m okay being single and I’m better off alone and God’s plan is better than mine. Because honestly while it may be true, I certainly don’t feel that way. 

I get scared to admit that I’m really okay in my singleness for this season. I think I’m worried that if I actually admit I’m content, then that means I’m destined to be single forever. That removing it from my every thought and re-focusing my brain on the rest of the story I’m telling somehow sets me up for a life of singleness.

For right now I’m enjoying where things are. I have a full life, sometimes too full. I run a young adults ministry, I work full time at Compassion, I’m part of a killer Improv group, I see friends, try to spend time with my family, all while trying not to lose my sanity. My married friends always have to think about someone else’s schedule, how their finances affect another person, and negotiate the holidays with someone else’s family. I can decide on a whim to have dinner with my dad, dye my hair red, or drive to Denver just for fun.

There truly is a freedom and a fun in this season of singleness.

Don’t get me wrong – I will gladly give the life of singleness up. But for now I’m starting to see it less as a disease and more of an asset. And thankfully the LORD only calls me to live in the here and now. I don’t have to worry about the “what if I’m 35 and still single” question. I can only enjoy the story I’m living today.


ps. No sugar November blows. I lost my pin so no-card November is struggling a bit, and hot yoga is kicking my booty.


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