30DOT Days 5/6: Lazy Weekends and Falling Back

Do you ever have those weekends you just so need? The weekends where when you do go outside you’re wearing what still resembles sweats and/or PJ’s? You throw your hair in a pony tail, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and put on a tiny bit of mascara as to not scare small children. The inevitably you end up back home either laying on the couch or doing  nothing.

Yesterday was one of the glorious blissful lazy saturdays. I knew the kitchen needed to cleaned, laundry needed to be done, and I had a mound of the clothes the size of a small country on my floor but I just needed to be still. So I did. I caught up on a TV show (Dawson’s creek) which made me BAWL my eyes out, got some dinner with my roommate and watched two movies. It was perfect.

And on top of it, we had FALL BACK. Every year during Spring Forward I just think about fall back. I didn’t even know it was happening until like 3 days before. What a fun surprise. I mean I think every 6 months we should fall back. Granted… we’d probably end up living back in 1987 and we all know the 80’s weren’t good to ANYONE but still. Who would be opposed to falling back all the time? Think of all the extra sleep. Yes and yes.

Tonight I’m going back to hot yoga. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.


One thought on “30DOT Days 5/6: Lazy Weekends and Falling Back

  1. The 80’s were good! We were born in the 80’s. We promptly left them, because we’re brilliant like that… but that’s neither here nor there.

    We also had a lazy weekend. It. Was. Awesome.

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