30DOT Day 9: Gas Money

I have a tendency to groan every time my annoying little light comes on saying I need gas. I have been known to play chicken with my gas tank. And lose. I’ve also been known to pick the broken pump, walk away from the station, and have six gallons of gas overflow from my car into the main area. Yeah… I still don’t think I’m allowed back at that gas station.

I usually mumble something incoherent complaint about having to get out in the freezing cold and pump my gas. Lately I’ve been struck by the immediate thought of: well, you have enough money for a full tank of gas. have you ever not had enough money for gas? what would you honestly do if couldn’t fill up your gas tank? 

And while not accusing but very convicting, I’ve found that by the time my thirteen gallons and 3 minutes are up, my heart is quietly breathing a thankful prayer that I always have enough money for gas.


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