Facebook Stalking vs. Jesus Stalking

Okay, now don’t think I’m Jesus Juking you here but if I spent half as much time pursuing Jesus as I did facebook stalking my best friend, the guy I used to like, my old roommate, and that friend from elementary school who I still compare myself to, I’d be Mother Theresa.

No seriously. Sometimes I think my faith walk would be way easier if I could just spend some time on Jesus’ facebook page. What do you think His interests are? I like to imagine He “likes” good jokes, wine, Dave Ramsey, when random artists give Him a shout out onstage after winning an Oscar/Emmy/Grammy/Dove Award.

Sometimes I’ll decide to go on a “facebook fast.” I decide for a certain amount of time I’m going to give up facebook and twitter and everything else to just really prioritize my time. Inevitably I find some other time waster and lose sight of why I’m staying away from media.

Media can have such a powerful influence over me and I don’t even recognize it. Everywhere I go I’m told I need to be thinner, prettier, richer, funnier, put together-er, happier, etc. And then I get on facebook and I’m reminded that this person has lost 15lbs, this guy is now touring with a famous band, and that super awkward girl from high school? Yeah she’s married to a LAWYER. in Beverly Hills. Cha-Ching.

Don’t get me wrong, there are great things about staying connected and reconnecting with friends. I think online media is great. I just wonder what my life would look if every time I got on facebook I read a passage of scripture. And not the “And Jesus wept.” passages. I think for one full day, everytime I check facebook, I have to post a scripture that I just read as my status update.

I totally just Jesus juked you didn’t I?


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