The Big Announcement

So I literally wrote about Rejection less than an hour before getting an email that is going to change my plans for the next few years.

I’m moving back to the South in mid-June.

Over the last year the LORD has been revealing to me the things I’m good at while I’ve been in jobs where I’m clearly not in my sweet spot. The funny thing though is that these jobs have been cultivating all the experience I need to get where I am today.

A few months ago, I did a strengths finder test to figure out my strengths. My top 5? Activator, Positivity, Empathy, Strategic, and Woo (winning others over). It was like I finally had words to put to why I don’t enjoy admin. I wrestled back and forth because once again, I was in a job where admin was what was needed!

I had a mini-melt down with HR because I thought, great now everyone can see that I’m not supposed to be in this job and I’m going to get fired. Thankfully Compassion is an amazing organization who truly believes in putting people where they are most gifted. HR asked me what a dream job description would look like for me. I told them that it would be speaking on behalf of Compassion, traveling, writing blogs, and doing social media to get people excited about the ministry. Knowing this wasn’t a real job, I said I’d be happy for a job that included a few of those things.

But then someone passed along information about a job that could potentially fit those things. I did a little digging and lo and behold. This job was about to exist. It’s been about 6 weeks that I’ve known this was on the horizon. I had my final interview last week and was offered the position Wednesday morning. Right after I wrote about Rejection.

The caveat is that it’s not officially with Compassion. It is hired out through another company who is located in Kentucky. And I needed to re-locate.

So come mid-June, I’m once again packing my car and making the trek through Kansas and Missouri to go back to the South. I’ll be in Kentucky for a month and then the tour launches in mid-July in Nashville.

My job is essentially to tour with a Mobile Experience, write blogs about it, tell the stories of folks who go through it, talk about Compassion, and get to know people. I’ll be on the road about 3 weeks a month and back in Nashville for one week. I literally cannot believe this is the job I get to do for the next couple years. Yall, I dreamed up my wildest craziest dreams, and that’s what I was given!!

And I couldn’t have gotten it without being in the music industry, working at Woodmen, and working at Compassion. The years and heartbreak make sense now. Granted, they make sense without this job, but they make even more sense now.

So now I get to process what leaving Colorado looks like and my fears of headed back to TN. Oh balls.

Because, here’s the thing guys, I actually love Colorado now. I’m so sad to leave my community and my life. I love being miles from my parents and one of my brother’s. I love my mountains. I love my roommate. My heart is so sad to leave this place. I never ever ever would have expected this.

I couldn’t have predicted two and a half years ago that my heart would be restored and redeemed and that this desert would bring the best Life I’ve lived. I never could have imagined or hoped or dreamed. So can I just say that Papa is freaking incredible. He won’t let the enemy steal, kill, and destroy us. He brings us out of the muck to change our worlds.

When I left Nashville, I listened to Owl City’s debut album. Oddly enough, an EP was released not long ago. The lyrics that have been haunting my heart?

It won’t take long to get when you feel like you’re soaring
So write it all and don’t forget to tell us your story
Shout out to the friends back home
Shout out to the hearts you have known
You gave them nothing but the best
You can tell them your story
You never be far
I’m keeping you near
Inside of my heart you’re here
It’s got to be time, you’re starting to shine cause what you’ve got is gold

It’s time to go. It’s time to start a new chapter in my life. Not running from anything. Not hiding. Not heartbroken. Not destroyed.

Just me. A better me. A new me.

oh and ps? I’m moving to a small town in Kentucky. I fully plan on causing a stir. Stay tuned…


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