So I have a couple things for y’all to know about.

1) My blog was selected for a beta testing group to run ads on. You may have noticed, may not, but every time my blog is viewed, apparently I get money. I’m not entirely sure how that works. So I apologize in advance for the annoying ads. I’m going to see how it goes and if it’s worth it for me to do it.

2) I’m going to be ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! And I want to see / meet you. For those of you who are old friends, let’s hang out. For those of you who’ve read my blog, sent me emails, and messages, COME SAY HI! I should have a more formal tour schedule sometime soon with official dates, locations, and the blog you can follow where I’ll be Compassion blogging. For now – here are the cities I know:


  • Tucson AZ
  • Central City KY
  • Honduras
  • Central City KY
  • some Nashville TN on the weekends!


  • Nashville TN
  • Knoxville TN
  • Denver CO


  • Chicago IL
  • Nashville TN (off days)
  • TBA

Please please please come say hi!! I’m not sure what order the rest of these cities are in but I know we’ll be in Charlotte, Akron, Buffalo (and NYC?), Birmingham, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Ft Lauderdale, and Tampa. This is just preliminary but it’s going to be cray-cray! I seriously want to meet you guys and say hello.

Thus concludes this session.


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