Est End

This is probably the easiest post I ever get to write.

Today is my dearest best friend, Stephanie Shivers’ birthday. I decided awhile ago that she needed an entire post dedicated to her.

I met Steph almost three years ago when I was working at Woodmen. I walked into the reception area waiting to meet with Sonja from HR and I saw this stunning brunette sitting at the front desk. “Great, she’s way too pretty to ever want to be my friend! Just smile and be nice. Maybe she’ll like you!” was my thought.

Eventually I got hired at Woodmen and found out Steph had been close to the girl who was in my job before I had it. I inwardly groaned and made that a tally against me being friends with her. I figured she was probably bummed her friend still wasn’t around. Randomly, Steph and I decided to go have margaritas at a local mexican restaurant in Colorado Springs. Over chips and guac, we bonded over our stories, our wounds, our likes and dislikes, our growing up years, how we viewed Papa, and everything else.

I drove away from that dinner knowing that I had found someone that I could connect with. Little did I know how instrumental she would be in my story. I literally would not be half of who I am today without Steph.

She’s the one who knows how to talk me out of my crazy. She’s the one who knows when I’m not okay, just by a text message or a look. She knows what will wound me and what will bring me life. She knew that one night she needed to just come over after my heart was trampled. Even though she had warned me about what was inevitable, she still came over late one Friday night and let me lay my head in her lap while I cried out my heartbreak. She just held me for two hours without judgment or hard words.

She was the one who above all, encouraged and challenged me to write. She saw my heart and cultivated the things God had placed in there. She’s helped me process more than one hard situation. She’s helped me process more than one wound. She’s loved me better than anyone has loved me. She’s let me speak hard truth into her life as well. She’s let me in to see the depths of who she is and it’s stunning.

So today, my beautiful est end, is your birthday and I celebrate you.

Thank you for who you are. Keep offering it to the world.

I love you!


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