Shattered Pieces

Hi friends. I’m off for the week so I’m trying to take some time to shut off my brain. It’s tough. My brain lives through words and understands in blogs. Where you see light blue, I see light refracting onto a sandbar discoloring the aquamarine pools gathered around it. Exhausting, right? Anyways – I learned some pretty big lessons while we were in Buffalo that I posted on the tour blog site. Here’s my most recent post. Hope you enjoy it. I’m off to nerd out on a Lord of the Rings marathon.

We had an incredible week in Buffalo, New York. When we first got the tour schedule, this was one of the places I was really looking forward to as I’ve never spent any time in Buffalo.

We arrived at dusk last week. Golden twilight was dancing through tall sturdy trees. Refractions of the sun would peek through the shrubs and burst into a patch of open road.

The houses we saw were weathered and charming – echoing years gone by and stories told. Whitewashed wood and creaky doors. Swings softly swaying in the breeze. And a just a few leaves changing color. Starting their slow descent into autumnal brilliance. Teasing us with small glimpses of glory.

I remember feeling giddy at the sights and smells and sounds. Something about this place utterly captivated me. I felt in my bones something I haven’t felt before. The world felt foreign but familiar. Like I had known this place forever but didn’t know where to turn on Orchard Street or where Slade turns into our hotel.

The LORD really started working on my heart last week. He was moving and stirring. He was whispering and singing. I heard Him in the middle of the night. He awakened my heart to His. And as I turned to Scripture in my quiet time, I read these words in Genesis – where the Story starts:

 Is anything too hard for the Lord?
(Genesis 18:14, emphasis mine)

I have a tendency to call the LORD, Papa. It’s the intimate name my heart calls Him. So when I read those words about Papa, I thought…. how I underestimate the greatness of our God. The greatness of how He changes stories. Of how He takes our broken lives and turns them into His favorite work.

I fell on my knees in confession and repentance.

I often view what Papa can do through the lens of what I can do. Yet, truly, is ANYTHING too hard for the LORD? You would think I would be the last to put Papa in a box, but the truth is, I’m probably the first.

But every day. Every single day of this tour, I get to see the stories of people and situations everyone else said were too hard. I know the stories of the “throw-aways.” The ones who Papa said, “is anything too hard for the LORD?” And I hear His voice roar when He speaks those words.

At the end of the day, are we all truly anything more than dirty broken pieces of clay? We are covered in filth and rust. The scrapes and dents make us almost unrecognizable and some of our broken pieces are so shattered they seem beyond repair. They’re the ones with the sharpest edges. The ones we don’t let anyone touch or even see. We try to sweep them aside as we put ourselves back together.

But Papa comes in.

Is anything too hard for the LORD?

And He scrubs at our mess and carefully gathers our shatter in His well-worn hands. His fingers gently redeeming, restoring, and renewing the once irreparable parts of us. And then I believe… Nothing is too hard for the LORD.


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