I’m Yours

I’m in a beautiful wild unpredictable love affair.

I uttered the words, “I’m Yours.”

The implication of those words sunk in and made itself at home in the deep recesses of my spirit.

I’m Yours. I’m Yours. I’m Yours.

All of me belongs to You.

Over and over I uttered this words. They were the most beautiful and precious words I’ve ever spoken. I’ve always longed to be someone’s. To be chosen, to belong, to be desired. It’s like that moment in those fairy-tales where the princess realizes the princes desires her above all else.

I’m caught up in this Romance.

It’s a romance where I’m fully known and fully loved. Fully seen, fully appreciated, fully valued. All of the things I fight against and long for in my other relationships. My whole world becomes wrapped up in making my life reflect another’s.

And yet regardless of how wild and passionate this love feels at times, I know there are and will be moments of mundane. The neither high or low feelings, just steadiness. The deeper I fall in love with Him, the deeper I know the steadiness of it. Because of that, I’m learning how to just be with Papa. To wake up and literally picture myself holding His hand and just walking with Him.

Steph and I went on a walk before I left to go back on the road, and while we talked about this and that, it was mostly just us walking together. Taking those moments out of our day to just be there. It felt important to be side by side, in the chilly evening air, just the two of us. Oh and Chloe. 🙂

So I’m learning to do that with Papa. I’m not great at romantic relationships but in this case, I’m trying to just show up. I have no doubt He longs for us to just be in His presence, with no agenda other than to know him. That’s my resolution this year. To learn how to be better at showing up and just being.

What are some of yours?


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