I was walking out of the restaurant and I saw them down the sidewalk.

He held her arm as they shuffled towards the door.

I grabbed the door from Erica, who was holding it for me, and I told her I’d hold it for the couple as she was about to stay longer for them. It took them a little bit to reach me so I smiled and reassured them I had nowhere to be. The man got very close to me as they went through the door and smiled back. “Happy New Year, dear. My don’t you have beautiful eyes.” I thanked him as they stole glances at each other.

I don’t know why I asked it but suddenly I blurted out, “How long have you been married?” The woman looked at me and beamed. “Sixty.”

“Sixty years?” I confirmed. “That’s amazing.”

“Thank you” they responded and once again looked at each other.

A wave of longing washed over me.

“I hope I can be like you someday.”

They both stopped and the woman stared straight into my eyes.

“You will.” she replied confidently.

Her words echoed down to my toes. They continued to stick with me long into the night. Desperately wanting to believe them, I replayed the scenario over and over in my mind. Analyzing every word and phrase. Could it have been Papa giving me reassurance? Through a stranger? I’m not one who tends to read into situations, but this one. This one felt different. Hope sprung in my chest.

So today while I was getting ready for work, I had Cross Point’s message streaming on my laptop. Pete started to move into the final section of his message. Something about “winks from God.” Little ordinary moments that are no coincidence, but moments orchestrated by God to remind us that He’s for us and with us. Especially in the mundane every day moments.

My restaurant encounter flashed before my eyes. Chills ran down my spine.

And in that moment I knew, sixty years was coming for me too.


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