I’m Here!!!

My dear blog friends! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!!

I promise I haven’t been completely ignoring you, I’ve just been slightly busy. But I promise, we’re back on track now. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I’m all yours.

So here’s what you missed.

I was super sick the last time I posted and ended up in Mississippi with the tour mostly in bed sleeping off whatever bug I got. From there I went to Texas and agreed to one more show (Las Vegas) to train my replacement. In the middle of all of craziness, the verbal offer I received for a job in the Springs fell through. I was left with three weeks until unemployment and back at ground zero. I was confused, scared, and angry. But in the middle of all of it I realized I was mostly upset about the loss of security and not so much the loss of the job.

I’ve been praying through this transition that my next real job would be one where my gifts and a company’s needs would align. I’m so tired of being the wrong fit for a great company. For awhile I started considering the possibility of waiting tables and focusing on my writing.

Because well, I’m working on a book.


I’ll reveal more later on, but it’s in the works.

So anyway. Said book led me to meet with a great guy in Colorado Springs who runs an ebook publishing company. It just so happened they were on the hunt for a marketing assistant. This meeting to discuss my writing turned into a job interview which turned into a job offer a week later. I literally had one day of unemployment. Crazy eh?

I’ve got so many thoughts that I’m processing – the end of the tour, moving back to Colorado, new jobs, trusting Papa, LOVE. It’s all swirling in my brain. For right now I just wanted to wave hello and tell you all I haven’t vanished.

Thanks for sticking with me. Check back Thursday for regular programming!


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