Carry Me – Josh Wilson

Once upon a time I worked in the music industry. It was my dream from the time I was in middle school – to hang out with bands and be thanked in liner notes. Little did I know how much the music industry would shape my life. I attended Belmont University in Nashville and I was one of the few who came in as a Music-Business major and graduated four years later as a Music-Business major.

While I was studying at Belmont, I interviewed for an internship with a company called Nichols Management. They managed a band who I had known a bit through friends and I was intrigued. Almost seven years ago I walked into a little office in Bellevue and met a guy named Chris. All these years later, I’m SO grateful I ended up with that internship because it led me to my first job and eventually a new career path which brought me back to Colorado.

My time with Chris was only two and a half years but I learned more about life and family and character than I’ve learned in any other span of time. Chris and his wife, Steph, adopted me into their family. They watched out for me during tornadoes, cheered me on at college graduation and became my family away from family. I still call and text them fairly regularly. They are truly some of the best people I have ever known.

My senior year of college Chris was looking at signing another client. We had two singer-songwriters. Both similar. Blonde. Beardy. Guitary. But one of them stuck out. A recent Belmont grad named Josh Wilson impressed both Chris and I with his wit, love for the Lord, and potential. As is custom in the music industry, Chris and Josh had a few conversations and one day he came over to the office and agreed to let us represent him.

If memory serves me correctly Josh drew his face on a post-it note and said something to effect of, “<—- will work with you.” And that was that. Josh became our client. Chris decided to let me take a little more lead with Josh so I got to be more hands on with his day to day management and booking. About two years ago I wrote this confession about how awesome Josh is as a human. It still stands true.

Throughout the years Chris has sent me new Josh music and every album has consistently gotten more impressive. When Josh started falling in love with his wonderful and beautiful wife, Becca, he started writing from a new depth. When he came back from a trip to India, he wrote from another perspective. And now? Now I think he may have written his best album to date.

Today his newest album “Carry Me” drops on iTunes and in stores. If you like good music, you should buy this album. From the moment I heard it I knew Josh was finally showing an incredibly vulnerable side of himself. Josh is funny, wise, creative, loving, warm, strong, and desperately in love with Jesus while knowing his own failings as a human. And now you all get to see the side of Josh so many know well.

From the beginning track, Pushing Back the Dark, into the album’s title track, Carry Me, through Here I am Anyway (my personal favorite), this album doesn’t have a single track I skip through. Well…. that’s not entirely true. I have to blow through I See God in You because it makes me cry every time. My mom and I were preparing Easter brunch and listening to this album. That song came on and we both stopped, looked at each other with tears in our eyes, and started laughing.

When I was driving across the country I had a pretty intense panic attack our first night of driving. There had been a scary incident on the road which involved another driving flipping her car 90* and driving off the interstate into a sign post right in front of me. I had a major anxiety attack later that night. As Josh’s words started coming through my speaker begging the Lord to help him catch his breath, I could only echo the words with my own lips.

And later on, his confession that he’ll show up to whatever the Lord has for him regardless of his failings, resonated with my own decision to leave stability to follow Papa into the unknown. I can’t tell you how many times I drove around my hometown, singing that song at the top of my lungs.

Sprinkled in the middle of all of this are his beautiful love songs to Becca. And if I’m not mistaken, I hear her sweet voice on a few tracks 🙂 Right as I was leaving my time with Chris, Josh started to fall in love, woo, and eventually marry Becca. I got to see glimpses into the beginning of their love story and it’s better than the songs convey. They are two of the nicest and most generous people on this planet.

So, all of that to say? This album is worth your $9.99. Josh is one of those rare musicians and people who deserve to be praised because of who they are. And please, support your local musicians and buy the dang thing.

You can download it here.


This is not a paid advertising. I simply want to see my friend do well and you deserve good music!


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