Love is (Louder)

When I woke up yesterday morning I remembered two things.

1) It is the anniversary of my elopement escapade. (I performed the ceremony)
2) It is tax day. And my taxes are done. phew.

The day carried on like every other Monday. Opening up a dusty inbox who had been closed for forty-eight hours. Prioritizing tasks, scouring the internet, posting updates, acknowledging the death of one of our authors. And then a little blurb about a bomb at the Boston marathon.

what? I thought to myself. there’s no way. 

Quickly jumping over to Facebook and twitter, I scanned my newsfeed. Just a few posts – including posts from friends from high school posing and smiling for the camera pre-race.

Oh my gosh… 

As the day unfolded and more updates came in, I watched with a confused nation as police, first responders, SWAT teams, military, off-duty cops, and anyone not wounded lept into action to aid those who had been hurt. Several times I felt tears trickle down my face. The sheer tragedy of it all. The precious people who lost their lives and limbs because of a senseless act of terror.

Fear was oozing from the media.

But then the hope started bursting out through the shattered cracks. Stories of people rushing into the smoke. Runners finishing the race and heading to the hospital to donate blood. Bostonians opening up their homes, cars, couches, restaurants, internet, whatever they could to those affected.

Slowly, fear was quieted and Love started shouting in its place.

Because what we can always count on is that Love is Louder. If you look at any great tragedy that has shaped our nation – assassinations, 9/11, school shootings, disasters, you see darkness win for a moment. But that is all it gets. A moment. Darkness never gets to win – in nature or in life. Death has no victory. Evil doesn’t get the gold medal.

It took split seconds for people to react selflessly. They carried, they fought, they held on, they covered, they loved, they stroked, they encouraged, they bled, they reassured, they reunited, they protected, they never gave up. They became the Hope of Glory within moments of a shattering event.

So while Monday was horrible and devastating – it was also beautiful and hopeful. Take heart, dear ones, because He has overcome. The old has gone and the new has come. We are made new.

Death doesn’t get the final word because LOVE IS LOUDER.


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