Repulsive Christian Behavior – because they know not what they do.

There has been so much sorrow in our world lately. Maybe this happens more often than we are made aware but for whatever reason tragedy is filling the media the past few months. Shootings, scandals, building collapses, explosions, and now devastating tornadoes. My heart is filled with sorrow for the broken world we live in. While I know there is hope and that ultimately, Love is Louder, I can’t help but seethe with anger when I see some “followers of Christ” spouting off words of condemnation and hate.

I recently saw a tweet that something along the lines of gay marriage and forsaking God and the Bible means we’re in for the wrath of God and to “buckle up.” My stomach clenched and I felt righteous anger rising up inside of me. How dare this person use God to justify destruction and devastation. How DARE they.

When so called Christians use the God of the Old Testament and the deeds He performed to justify the broken state of world, it cheapens the Cross. You tell the world that the Cross DID NOT satisfy the wrath of God. That He’s holding a grudge and needs to continue to punish us because of His need for perfection. Have you forgotten the cry of Jesus? IT IS FINISHED. As far as I’m aware there was no caveat or clause in that sentence. No asterisk alerting us to fear if things got too bad.

The veil was torn, blood spilled, the convenant fulfilled.

Do NOT cheapen the Cross.

Do NOT tell me that my inconsequential human actions regardless of how many or how much they build upon each other can alter the very fulfillment of God’s promise to His people. When we begin to believe that may we be taken out of this world like the people of old.

So I rage and rant because of how angry I am that the very people Christ died for are the ones who lessen His sacrifice by using it to justify things they know nothing about.

But because Papa is a God of mercy and forgiveness, He fills my heart with sadness for these people. They only say these things out of ignorance and fear. The only way people can use God as justification for wrath is if they truly believe that to be His nature.

And what a sad life to live in fear of God’s wrath and not the freedom of His grace. 

So while I’m angry and shouting my anger slowly turns into pity for these people who have never really had a chance to experience the fullness of God’s love.

As I petition the Father tonight for the broken hearts and souls in Oklahoma, I’ll also petition for the souls who say the terrible things about Him. Because they may need Christ more than anyone.


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