Dear Future Husband: Chicago in the Fall

Hi there – me again!

Okay so we got some of our introductions out of the way. I don’t really have a rhyme or reason for how these letters will play out so I’m just sort of winging it here. Is that okay? I hope so.

Can I tell you a secret? Something I’ve never told anyone before.

It may seem silly but I’ve always had this crazy idea of Chicago in the fall.

Now, as I’m sure you know by now, Chicago is where I grew up. I spent my formative years there. We had all four seasons (even if they could be a bit brutal) and for some reason I fell in love with fall. Even as a little girl. The smell of the air, the shift from warm undertones to brisk undercurrents, the crunch as you walked down the road, the added layers and heavy boots. It enchanted me. I always wanted to fall in love in the fall in Chicago.

Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic and expecting too much. And that’s okay, you can tell me that. But I secretly envision you surprising me after work on a Friday and getting us to this beloved city. Maybe in the end of October or beginning of November, when we know the weather has changed but before the snow. We’ll show up and just take the train and bus. We’ll spend the weekend exploring, walking along Lake Michigan. We can walk all the way out to Navy Pier and ride the ferris wheel. But please don’t rock the car because you’ll seriously freak me out.

And maybe, just maybe, we can go to the Shedd Aquarium or the Museum of Science and Industry. Those were my favorite as a kid. I can show you the things that remind me of my childhood. Or maybe the Art Institute. I’ve always loved that too. I don’t care – as long as I’m with you. I’ve also always wanted to eat at the top of a really tall building. But I know those are expensive so if we can’t do that I’ll be happy with deep dish pizza or a hot dog at Wrigley Field. Can we walk around Wrigley Field? I don’t care a ton for sports but nostalgia beckons me there.

On Sunday we can drink coffee and wander old bookshops. Or sit in a park and do nothing. Or we can spend the day by the water even though it’ll probably be freezing. And then as the day turns into evening we’ll catch the train back to the airport, windblown and tired but happy and refreshed. We’ll come back to Colorado and I’ll probably fall asleep in the car on the way home. But when you drop me off I’ll be grinning from ear to ear knowing that I’m the luckiest and wondering how I got you – the man who listens to my silly little dreams and wants to make them come true.

Now you know I don’t need extravagant things. I don’t need presents or fancy dinners. And if we can’t do this little whirlwind trip that’s okay too. Maybe you can gather some crunchy leaves and put them in my backyard and we can jump in them until they’re scattered all over. We can drink cider and walk in the mountains. Like I said, I don’t care what we do as long as I’m with you.

But if by chance you’ve wondered what I’ve always wanted – it’s that.

Chicago in the fall.

until then, I’ll be here.


One thought on “Dear Future Husband: Chicago in the Fall

  1. I love reading your blog. Every T/Th I fire up the browser just to see what you might write on. And then there are times that you don’t do anything for weeks at a time, and make us wait.

    It would be amazing just to sit across from you drinking a coffee just to ask some questions, to gauge your response without a chance for you to think about it. I am sure you are quick witted.

    Never been to Chicago, except passing through. I always wanted to see soldier field before it was demolished. A friend brought me Conney’s pizza from there, which according to them was a big deal.

    OK, well we await to see what you will write about on Thursday. Don’t let us down. 🙂


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