Dear Future Husband: The Great Outdoors

Okay, looks like we’re tackling a potential deal-breaker.

I like the great outdoors. I really do. But actually I’m a little afraid of them. I think it’s because I haven’t had a guide or someone who has had patience with me. I want to go slow. Enjoy the scenery. Hike to the top in my own sweet time. I don’t like feeling like I’m holding someone back or frustrating them. I also don’t think it is smart for me to go by myself which leaves me at the conundrum of merely liking the great outdoors.

Here’s the thing. I really want to love them. I want to go hiking and camping and fishing and biking. I want all of these things but I need someone to do them with. So if you like these things, please don’t write me off just because I’m not climbing a 14’er every weekend. I just need someone to push me a little bit. And someone to make sure I dont  a) get eaten by a bear b)  get lost in the forest c) fall off a cliff d) eat a poisonous berry. Because all of those things have a fair shot of happening.

Remember, I spent the first 14 years of my life in Chicago and surrounding suburbs and a solid 6 in metropolitan Nashville. Put me in a city and I can get you around. I’m just not comfortable with the outdoors yet. We haven’t had a proper amount of time to get to know each other.

Did you know the first (and only, thus far) time I went camping was when I planned the trip for 40 people? Yes, you read that right. I meal planned for 40 people. And you know what we served? Ribs. Over an fire. And fixings. And then s’mores. And then the next morning I got up and made approximately 5 -6 dozen scrambled eggs. Plus sack lunches for our hike. On a shoestring budget. I literally made a camping trip happen for 40 people I barely knew when I had never slept outside in a tent before. Now is that gumption or what?

So my request is maybe a camping trip with 5 of our closest friends. Ya know to make it a little easier? And maybe not ribs. And I’d really like to not sleep in a tent with 7 other girls. But I really want to give this whole thing another go. Nature is amazing. I can fully appreciate it. I just need a little help.

Which could be one of your strongest qualities.

But if it’s not. I’m secretly okay with that too.

until then, I’ll be here.


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