Dear Future Husband: Accident Prone

Hey so I guess today I’m going to tell you one of my greater weaknesses.

I’m incredibly accident prone.

Like if there is a 1% chance something will happen, it’s probably going to happen to me. Yeah I know. But this is coming from a girl who got a heart virus when she was three that is most common in Asian boys. No seriously. Google it. I’m also the girl who ended up in the hospital because I did laundry. I know I know. How was I supposed to know the dryer door was broken? No one warned me the corner would be on top of my head as I stood up. That one really wasn’t my fault.

The ankle injury? Of New Year’s Eve going into 2000? When we were worried Y2k would send us back to the dark ages? Okay that one was a little more my fault. I was trying to impress a boy and no it didn’t work. Go ahead, tease me all you want. I just hope you have really good health insurance. In fact, that’s probably what my dad is going to ask you when you ask his permission to marry me. You think I’m kidding but I’m totally serious.

But can I be totally transparent with you? I know I get hurt and sick and become a total disaster more often than not but sometimes I get really sensitive about it. I can handle the teasing and laughter up to a point but sometimes I really don’t feel good or I really did get hurt. When it’s not a big deal I’ll make it dramatic and funny but when I’m really not okay, please don’t tease me about it. There is nothing that makes me feel like more of a burden than when someone says “man you get sick alot!” or “did you really get hurt again?” I feel like I’m too much. And you should know, that’s one of my biggest fears. That I’ll be too much and not enough. Things like that just feed into my insecurity. What’s the balance of things to say? Well I’m not sure yet. But I think you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. I know you’re always in my corner and fighting for me. So can you help protect me in this too? And help me feel like I’m just enough?

Thanks love.

until then, I’ll be here.


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