It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To*

So because it’s my birthday, I get to be a little bit selfish right?

This is where you nod and agree with me. Because, it’s my birthday.

Here’s how I want to be selfish –

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. My parents were fantastic at creating a celebration around us and literally making it so exciting I couldn’t sleep the night before. It was magical. Obviously we all grew up. And I started to sort of hate my birthday. The attention, the plans, all of it.

But the God-honest truth of it all is that I am never more reminded of how incredible Papa is than by the community He’s placed around me which is more evident on this day than ever. Today I celebrate YOU. My wonderful, incredible, cherished friends who make me who I am.

Truly I would not be the person I am without your constant support, encouragement, love, gentle correction, accountability, grace, laughter, listening ears, shoulders to cry on, and ability to show me who Christ is by allowing me to be who I was created to be.

I celebrate you my friends. Thank you for your story and your life and your heart and your vulnerability and everything that you are to this world. And because I get to ask for something, because you know, it’s my birthday, I ask that you continue to offer all of who you are to this world. If your life can impact such a messy and broken one like mine, imagine the ripples it would have on this world.

Cheers to you!

*happy tears are cried. happy tears. 

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