Dear Future Husband: Family

Hi love,

As we’re getting closer to the holiday season it makes me gravitate more towards my family. I have a really incredible family. I can’t wait for you to know them the way I do. They might be a little intense at first. I mean, all the men in my life are 6’4″ so hopefully that won’t freak you out.

Honestly, I think my family is one of the greatest gifts I’ll bring to our relationship. Because they’ve helped shape me into who I am and who I continue to be. My dad has always fought for my heart, my mom has taught me how to lay down my life for others, Mike showed me the transformation that can come from loving Jesus passionately, and Jon taught me how to be brave. They are always in my corner. And they’ll always be in yours.

The older we get, the more we like to be together. My prayer for you is that you’ll be able to find the depth of love in my family that you hopefully experience in your own. And if you haven’t known deep love in your life, I hope you can find that with my family in a powerful new way.

What’s your family like? I wonder about that. Often. Are your parents still married? Do you have siblings? What are they like? Do you have nieces and nephews? Lots of cousins? Do you guys gather every year on Thanksgiving and play football? Is your dad in charge of carving the turkey?

Even though I’m surrounded by amazing family and friends, this season is where I miss you the most. My heart longs to see you next to me at the Christmas Dinner table or glance over and see you in a post-thanksgiving nap. I’ve started to notice that these gatherings feel incomplete. I feel your absence. I feel the absence of the women who will someday marry my brothers. I’m ready for you to fill the unseen emptiness at family dinners.

We’ve made room, my family and I. We’ve made room for you and her and her. My parents are ready to love you as their own. To not replace your parents but make themselves available to you in any way they can. My brothers are ready to have another man around to help win Thanksgiving football. They’re ready to have someone else to do life with, to challenge and be challenged by. To grow with.

And I’m ready. Ready to share the amazing people in my life. Ready to have someone by my side. Ready to have someone who will stand in my corner when somehow I get blamed for something. Ready to have a hand squeeze my knee under the table when I’m getting a little too competitive. Ready to show the story of my Colorado years and hopefully someday my Chicago and Nashville years.

I’m ready to be part of your family too. If that’s an option, which I so hope it is. I hope your mom and dad want to love me as much as they love you. That your siblings will laugh at my jokes and love me because of how I love you. I’m ready to hold your hand when your grandma passes away and we stand at her graveside. I’m ready to wait for the phone call that your sister had her baby. I’m ready to leave my family at Christmas so we can be with yours. I’m ready to sit with crazy aunts and talkative cousins. I’m ready to charm your grandpa and sit at the kids’ table with your nephews. I’m ready for your world.

Even though I’m ready, I know you may not be. That’s okay. I’m willing to wait until you are. But love, if you are ready, maybe this is the time to come find me?

until then, I’ll be here.


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