What to do when Sunday morning becomes a Match.com mingle.

Here it is!! My guest post over at Stuff Christians Like. Check it out!

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Armed with Truth Winners!

Thanks so much for your response to my ARMED WITH TRUTH blog!

It was great to see the Scriptures you love and are working to memorize. As much as I wish I had a pack to give everyone, I’ve only got three. Without further ado, here are our winners!!

Emily Lin
Tyler D.
Laura Waymire

I’ll be shooting you guys an email with what I need in order to send out the tatts! Make sure you send me a picture so I can post it on here when you wear them.

For everyone else who entered, don’t forget there is a special discount code when you use “rachelsblog” (minus the quotes). With free shipping and 20% off these great tattoos come out to less than a $1 a piece! What a steal. Grab yours while they last here.

Finally, don’t forget tomorrow I’ll be guest posting over at Stuff Christians Like. Are you excited? Because I am! So excited that while I was telling the story to some friends I waved my hands so wildly my fingernail cut my nose and bled for about 15 minutes. Is that awesome or what?!